Timber Fencing Bundaberg

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Bundaberg Timber Fencing

One of the most popular fencing options is timber fencing. Despite being around for over 100 years. It remains one of the classic fencing options. People like the natural and classy look of timber fences. At the same time, it’s effective in providing privacy and security on your property.

Timber fencing is an ideal option for many because it’s elegant and affordable. Aside from that, it’s versatile—you can cut it to any shape or form that you want. To match your decorative scheme, you can also paint, polish, or wax it. It can easily match your home’s design and style.

At Bundaberg Fencing Experts, we only use premium-grade and pressure treated timbers to ensure that they will last longer. Treated timbers are not prone to decays, fungi, termite attacks, or bores. Treated timbers also help in reducing greenhouse gases—making them sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Professional builders

All of the builders and installers in our team are professionals and experts in what they do. They possess all necessary training and certifications to deliver high-quality fencing solutions that comply with all regulations and standards.

Reliable and Timely

Our services are hinged on reliability and timeliness. We make sure that all of our outputs are treated with utmost priority, making sure that they are the best quality that they can be and they are delivered on time and without delay.


At Bundaberg Fencing Experts, we provide value for the money that you spend. We have developed a pricing model that works within your budget and accommodates alternatives without compromising the quality of our work.

Why Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is naturally beautiful and affordable. If you’re still unsure if timber fencing is the best option for you, here are some of the reasons why you should consider it:

Enhances Privacy and Security

Wooden fences make your property safer and secure because their panels can be screwed into posts. Thus, making it hard for burglars to remove the panels. In other fences, panels can easily be lifted this makes it easy for thieves or strangers to trespass your property.

Easy to Install

Timber fences are installed piece by piece.


Aside from reducing the greenhouse gases in the environment, most quality timbers can be recycled or repurposed because they can withstand severe weather conditions. Although timber fences are not as durable as other fencing materials, they can still last for many years with proper maintenance.


Timber is abundant because it’s part of nature. Therefore, timber fencing is more affordable compared to other fencing options. 

Easy to Repair

Since it’s installed piece by piece, once it gets damaged, you can easily replace the damaged section by removing it.

Why Choose Bundaberg Fencing Experts

Timber fencing is easy to install, however, if not installed properly, it won’t last long. To prevent this from happening, it should be installed by experienced professionals. For sure, you don’t want to spend a lot on future repairs.

Looking for reliable contractors can be challenging. After all, your purpose in installing timber fences is probably to keep your loved ones safe. If you settle for less, you might be compromising your family’s safety. Installing timber fencing should not be stressful and worrisome.

To give you peace of mind, here at Bundaberg Fencing Experts, our team has years of experience and enough knowledge in installing timber fences. As a reputable company, we only use premium-grade materials to ensure that our timber fences are durable and long-lasting.

Your satisfaction is important to us. We will openly listen to your plans and suggestions. At the same time, we are here for you if you need professional advice. You won’t have a hard time working with us because we make sure that we’ll have open-ended communication.