Glass Pool Fencing

Two Types of Glass Pool Fencing The two common types of glass pool fencing are frameless and semi-frameless. Both are strong and functioning the way they should. The factor that will affect your decision is your allotted budget or personal preference. Frameless Glass Fence Frameless glass fences should be about 12mm thick. It’s more expensive […]

Pool Fencing

The Importance of Pool Fencing Having a swimming pool at home is relaxing. However, if proper safety guidelines are not followed, it can result in serious injuries or death. It’s better to take preventive measures to deal with serious accidents later on. Besides, pool fencing is required by the law. Aside from avoiding penalties, why […]

Aluminium Fencing

Why Aluminium Fencing Does Not Corrode Aluminium can combat the harsh weather conditions in Australia. It does not wear down easily and can resist corrosion because aluminium does not contain iron. Low Maintenance If you don’t have time to maintain your fence, you might want to consider aluminium fencing. You don’t need intense cleaning just […]

Timber Fencing

Why Timber Fencing Timber fencing is naturally beautiful and affordable. If you’re still unsure if timber fencing is the best option for you, here are some of the reasons why you should consider it: Enhances Privacy and Security Wooden fences make your property safer and more secure because their panels can be screwed into posts. […]

Colorbond Fencing

Why Colorbond Fencing Colorbond fencing offers advantages and benefits that make it stand out from other fencing options. Let’s take a look at why installing one is a wise decision! Improves Safety and Security When it comes to safety, steel fences are the best option. Installing colorbond fences will prevent criminals from breaking into your […]