5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wrought Iron Fences

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Every property owner wants to keep their homes or commercial establishments safe and secure at all times. That is why fences and gates are essential. However, aside from the practical benefits of fences, it is also vital to consider how they can affect your space’s overall look. Some fences may provide the security you require, but they may look unsightly and out of place in your property’s landscaping and theme.

At Bundaberg Fencing, we always consider the functionality and style that our clients want to achieve. Our team offers fencing options and solutions that will fit their unique security requirements and style preferences. Whether you need fences for domestic or commercial applications, we guarantee that we can have them installed for you. One of the most versatile fencing materials we recommend is wrought iron fences. Here are the top five reasons why many residents in Bundaberg choose wrought iron fences.


Compared to regular iron, wrought iron fences are more resistant to rust because it is composed with alloy. This means that, aside from iron, it also contains a material called slag that can inhibit chemical change like rusting. Since it can withstand rust, your fence can last for a long time, even with little maintenance. If you notice tiny spots of rust in your wrought iron fences, don’t worry because they can be easily fixed. You can sand away the rust and have that spot painted with one or two layers of rust-resistant paint that matches the colour of your fence.


When you are shopping for fencing material, you might hear about the 100-year fence. Wrought iron fences are also referred to as 100-year fences because of their outstanding durability and strength. Unlike timber fences, wrought iron fences will not rot, warp, rot or succumb to insect infestation. Due to its strong core and malleability, it is also resilient to denting, shock and bending. Besides that, it can effectively withstand daily wear and tear, weather exposure and strong impacts.


With children or pets in your home, one of the main concerns you have to consider is security. Without a properly installed security fence, kids or pets may suddenly go out onto the road or take a dip in the pool without adult supervision. Wrought iron fences are an excellent barrier for your yard or pool area because you can customize their height. Moreover, due to its robust composition, this type of fencing will not be easily broken, cut or torn. It can effectively prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to your property.


Aside from the notable functionality of wrought iron fences, it is also a great choice for upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your property. It usually comes in simple and modern designs that can seamlessly blend into various landscaping themes. Since wrought iron fence panels are malleable, it is an excellent medium to achieve various designs and styles. Whether you want simple scrollwork that is in the shape of your family crest, intricate spirals with the initials of your company name or other elaborate designs – you can achieve it all using wrought iron. Consult with a reliable fence builder for you to attain the style you prefer for your wrought iron fences.

Easy Repairs

Compared to other types of fences, each panel in a wrought iron fence can be easily fixed without having to change the entire fence. Due to this, if you wish to customize or upgrade some parts of your fence, you can opt to change just one or two panels instead of removing your entire old wrought iron fence.

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